Sunday, 17 February 2013

I blame the help.

Dear The Internet,

I haven't had a very productive weekend and in a little over 11 hours i'll be back in work. I have come to dislike Sunday's particularly Sunday evenings. Having a non-creative full time job and being a creative person does not lead to a successful career in either field. I'd love to make music or edit videos for a living, but I have no idea where to start or how to even begin to make the transition and the job I have will never amount to anything as I spend all day with a brain swimming with new melodies or ideas for bad screenplays. I'm not bad at my job, my job is just bad for me.

I follow a few websites that supposedly exist to help unsigned/amateur musicians. Most of these sites/blogs/forums don't offer much aid other than pushing the paid for 'premium' services that don't offer much help to skint non-professionals looking to break into the industry.

I've just read a helpful blog about 'branding' yourself as a musician to become more sucessful and professional. I now need access to a furnace and someone to push hot metal onto my arse cheeks and I'll be handing in my notice in no time. Or as stated in the blog (written by a professional in the music industry) I might consider investing some time and money in a web marketing campaign or at least a well designed website. I have neither time nor money, so thanks for the advice.

In the interim I'll be posting some more new tracks to Sound Cloud (non-premium services member) and maybe Bandcamp (non-premium services member) for no one to listen to. If anyone out there has some advice for bad musicians like me please start a blog and I'll probably be along shortly.

Rant over (and out),

Lt Meat

Saturday, 16 February 2013

New Lt Meat Video!!! and new music.

Dear the Internet,

My friend Rob has made me an awesome animated music video!!!

Many thanks to Rob Jenkins and everyone else who helped him out with the video. Check out Rob's website HERE. It's very humbling and inspiring to know that I have such generous and creative friends!!!

I've also been putting some new music on Soundcloud under my new projects (Heiterkeit/D S Woods/This Century Modern). Here's a recent D S Woods piece 'Cobbled Streets'.

Over and out,

Lt Meat

Monday, 31 December 2012

The End Of The World

Dear The World,

Sadly my laptop ended in late December (as predicted by the Mayans) and I've had to reinstall my operating system (twice now) in an attempt to get it working again. So far I have failed and lost a few unfinished songs in the process.

So until a kind benefactor donates me about two grand for a new computer or I magically get my dead laptop fixed for free I've pretty much been forced to give up anything creative for the foreseeable future.


Lt Meat

Friday, 21 December 2012

Media Blackout!


My computer is practically dead. I have a blockage of Project 52 tracks to render off and upload to the net, but my weaken old MacBook can't currently handle the task. Until I've sorted it out please enjoy this phonepainting of Neil Diamond.

My next album is a guitar bashing noise rockathon entitled 'Beautiful Love Songs @ Neil Diamond'. It's a follow up/companion piece to my 2009 album 'Beautiful Love Songs For Neil Diamond'. Hopefully out Spring 2013.

Until then Project 52 must be finished as the world didn't end this morning.

I'll try and be more proactive on here too.

Over and out.

Lt Meat

Monday, 3 September 2012

Project 52 - new tracks!

Dear the World,

This is actually an iPhone publishing test. Just a quick word to say that there's a load of new music up on Project 52. Check out for all free downloads.

It's up to 33 tracks now and we're coming into September which is my guitar-based month! I hope you enjoy the new tracks. I'm also working on an abstract animated music video, I'm making it on my iPhone almost exclusively when I sit down for a number TWO. I hope I'll get it finished soon.


Lt Meat

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dear the internet,

Here is Week 25 of Project 52,

This song kind of sprouted out of the concept of a Game of Thrones computer game that is pretty much exactly the same as the Chaos Engine (that I used to have on my Commodore Amiga). I've been watching a lot of You Tube videos of old Amiga games recently, including Chaos Engine, Speedball 2, Turrican II and Ninja Spirit which had some awesome music in my opinion. I'm working on a gangster rap tribute to Ninja Spirit as we speak. It's weird.

Until next time (which will be Week 26 and the halfway point of the project).

Over and out,

Lt Meat

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bore dda! Here's Week 23 of Project 52. This is a sort of cheat, it's quite an old song that never really went anywhere from being a Reason instrumental. I've finished it off for the project so I hope some of you enjoy it! Download it for free or pay what you want at Steak Records Bandcamp

Until next time! Over and out Lt Meat